Buying a house in Almere

Property in Almere is attractive. In Amsterdam, renting and buying a nice home has become almost impossible because of the high prices. The city of Almere is a great alternative to live. Why? It is close to Amsterdam, both the owner-occupied housing and the rental properties are still affordable. You get more house for your money.

Top 5 reasons to buy a property in Almere

1.) At present there are more than a thousand houses to buy and various price ranges from eur 200,000 to 1 million;

2.) The prices are lower than in Amsterdam and Utrecht;

3.) Mortgage rates are still very low at the moment. This means that in many cases you are cheaper with buying a home than renting;

4.) Almere is a real residential city with lots of greenery, space, lakes. Ideal when you are looking for peace and space.

5.) Almere has excellent connections to Amsterdam by car, train and bus. Almost every neighborhood in Almere has a train station. You are in Amsterdam within 30 minutes.

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