Expat Services

To support you as an expat as well as possible in finding a new home, we offer you a wide range of services.

The first step is to find out what your financial situation is and what kind of house you want. To know, its the easiest way to make an appointment at our office in Almere. You have a talk with one of our mortgage specialists so you know opportunities lie ahead. 

After your mortgage talk you will have a follow-up talk with a real estate agent. We will inform you about living in Almere and show you houses which fit your needs. We even can provide you with a private tour to get to know the city of Almere.

To buy a house in Almere succesfully, you need to be ready for it. Your personal agent will be go with you with every showing and give you advice. When you really like the house, we will design your offer for maximum result. To put your offer via us as a realtor, has significant advantages. We do lots of research before we design the offer and sent it the the seller. We know what it takes to win you your dream house! 

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